ENG 112 – Introduction Post

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away known as Philadelphia, a little demon was born.  She was of blonde hair and blue eyes and a self-possessed demeanor that was well beyond her years.  Adopted by a gentle couple and raised in Southern New Jersey, she knew she would not remain there for long.  Though she has changed locations throughout her years, her sharp tongue has remained a part of who she is.  Currently residing in the hamlet of Malden in the shire of Massachusetts, she maintains an identity as a Pinup Model, Costumer, Sex Educator and self-described Buxom Brazen Bitch.

She entered into the medical field via Veterinary medicine, though through several fits and starts with extenuating circumstances including the loss of her father to liver cancer; she left the animal sciences for human medicine.  Originally taking an interest in Holistic and Adolescent Psychology she soon found herself as an ad hoc sexual health counselor for her peers and colleagues; a role that she did exceedingly well with.  Realizing that there was a dearth of open-minded sex-positive medical professionals in her communities, she found her calling.  A small amount of research and a few sleepless nights later she had a plan, the end goal of which would seat this rogue with a Doctoral degree in Practical Nursing focusing on Sexual Health and Counseling.

Always the self-starter, the internet provided this burgeoning force with a means to sate her lust for knowledge.  Online college courses allowed her to pursue her career as well as a degree to further the very same.  Modern technology has provided her with the ability to take these courses while logging hours at one of the leading HIV research centers in the Boston Metro area, work late into the night crafting wonderful pieces of art, or travel to conventions where she lectures on safer sex practices and interpersonal relations in complex settings.

From a young age this little monster was schooled in the ways of grammar and diction as her maternal figure was one of the teachers of English in a suburban school and drilled the creature incessantly demanding better than perfection.  While tedious, this served the young one well in her later years, though it often caused her to be bored in literature classes further in her education as she had read the classics when she was still wee.  She always enjoyed writing and had an off-beat way of presenting information that lent itself well to her role as presenter at conferences; while her attention to detail served her well in her research and professional writing career.

Having lived the life of a nomad for several years, this hellion knows well the benefit of tempering one’s expectations.  She enters into each endeavor with an open mind, a hopeful spirit, and a solid plan to poke as much fun as she can at nearly everything.

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