A moment of hostile zen

I do not open up easily.  When I do and I say something is a need, it’s really important that you listen regardless of how petulant I may seem regarding it.  When I feel like my needs aren’t being acknowledged as important I tend to start closing off tender vulnerable parts of me.  When that happens I become cold and distant.  Great attributes for a Dominatrix, not good ones for friends.  I operate the way I do for very specific reasons.  They may not make sense, but I’ve come to them because in my life I’ve experienced a lot of rough times, more than the average person.  To say that I am guarded would be a horrendous understatement.  You are only privvy to the information I want you to be privvy to, the rest you could only speculate on.  Bottom Line:  I’m having a really rough day, and I need snuggles.

Shorter Updates