Updates by bullet! Early 2012 Edition!


  • busted knee
  • turned 29
  • abandoned all hope


  • Still with busted knee
  • Flea!!
  • Applied to jobs
  • Continued abandoning hope


  • Still with busted knee
  • Started back to work
  • Casual Dating


  • Work blows
  • knee improves
  • apply to jobs
  • abandon hopes and dreams
  • Despair


  • Apply to jobs
  • have several interviews
  • knee improves
  • quit old job
  • CAMP!
  • CAMP!
  • CAMP!


  • CAMP!
  • Start new job
  • hang out with new guy..
  • …a lot
  • Work through lots of issues
  • avoid nilla family
  • see Leather Family
  • Squee over new job
  • Meet lots of new people

Ok, so The beginning of the year was rough mostly due to the busted knee, but things have def picked up.  I’m so pleased with Delta and Camp.  SO. PLEASED.

I hope to keep cultivating the blossoming friendships with the soon-to-be-Deltas as well as strengthen r-ships with existing Deltas and adjacents.

Yeah, this is gonna be good!

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