200 Squat Challenge

Ok, so recently, my bf started to cut a lot of crap out of his diet. This is great for him, he’s been taking off a lot of the weight he’d put on over the past couple years. The downside? I feel like total crap b/c I am simply maintaining my weight between the same 10 pound range.

It wasn’t such a big deal at first but then it became a big deal. I hit a wall and I’m just depressed now. I went from 393 to 365 back to 373 and have been holding between 365 and 375 for a couple months now.

I’m frustrated. It always happens to me. I lose sight of goals and focus on numbers and I truly blame my family for it. My bf doesnt’ mean to be a catalyst to this, but he is now. I hate it. It is my problem, but that doesn’t make it suck less.

Ok, enough back story.

I’ve decided to do the 200 squat challenge. I’m taking this week to gear up and check my levels over the week. I can guage what level I am in by taking it day by day all this week and that way I don’t start too high nor too low. I decided to do this particular challenge because it will help build my core as well as limberness in my legs. This is especially important if i’m going to do more Fetish videos.


I hope this will get me back on a track of toning my muscles rather than focusing on losing weight.

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