Update on 3rd wheel

So, boy came in to apologize.

Essentially: I am sorry but I’m still not wrong.

I dont’ know how to feel.

I know he’s doing it in fairly good faith, but really that’s the equivalent of I’m sorry your offended, it’s your fault you are offended. That’s the shit my mom does.

FUCK! Srsly, fuck these triggery psychoses. I can’t live like this.

I’m going to have to trust that he’s apologizing to smooth the air, but I can’t help but wonder when he will do this again, or if he’s going to take it to the extreme and bother me for every little thing now.

I’m feeling isolated. Hell, even my dog is concerned about me right now.

So, do I pretend like everything is fine and go be with the boy and other people? or do I physically isolate myself and try to fix this shit in my head alone?


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