I got home about 15 hours ago.  I have to say that Madi did amazing things to my very cluttered home!

Thank you so very much Madi!  What you did was amazingly appreciated!

Anywho, the flight back wasn’t awful, I spent more time waiting for baggage than I did going through passport control and customs. One snafu on our layover in JFK, but that was just a fluke.  Also, they lost one of M’s suitcases, it ended up on a later flight than we did, and while it was supposed to be here by 7-ish PM we got a call then that it had only just been picked up.  The boy waited until 10PM and still no bag.  We are sincerely hoping that it doesn’t come while we are at the kennel collecting the puppy.

All in all, madrid was lovely, but damn am I glad to be home.


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