How I spent my afternoon..

I sat there.

She was facing me.  Coy and round.  Her supple flesh begging for my touch.

I reached out, cupping her roundness in my hand.  Feeling the weight and texture on my palm.

I brought my other hand up, cupping the same bit of flesh, steadying it.  I dug my nails in until I felt them penetrates that soft covering.  Peeling it away revealing what I really wanted.

I discarded the covering and continued my delving into her sweet folds.  With a gentle finger I separated her folds peeling them away to get to the sweet juicy flesh beneath.

I took that sweet juicy part right into my mouth and bit down.  She exploded into my mouth and I smiled.

How could one not be happy when eating una mandarina?

(Yes, I just described peeling a piece of citrus and eating it.)


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