Amusing evening anecdote…

I had to explain what I do to a longtime friend of my bf.  Their friendship dates back to grade-school and they are both approaching late 30s.  I had to stop before I said something and ask, “How much do you want your friend to know of what I do?”

Obviously, being such long friends, my bf was quite fine with me telling his friend about what I do (the modelling and fetish videos).

I had to chuckle to myself because I started to say something and had to pull myself back.  I realized that what I do is so natural to me that I really need to be careful in mixed company.  Not everyone approves of what is it that I do, and I do not want to alienate a loved one because of this.  I, very obviously, do not go spouting, “I do porn!!” in front of my bf’s mother, but in company with his friends I have to be a tad more careful.



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  1. bail bondsman
    Dec 29, 2010 @ 00:15:50

    I have frequented your website before. The more I read, the more I keep coming back! 😉


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