Hola from Madrid!

Left our house at 9:30AM for the Boston Airport, the check-in was a breeze once we found proper check-in for the Business Class.  Security was also a breeze, they were very nice.  Boarded plane 45 minutes late for the first leg to Chicago.  Arrived between scheduled and estimated time, so Miguel and I relaxed in the Admiral’s Club which is a special first class lounge.  We nearly missed our connection in Chicago due to a lack of announcement in the “Admiral’s Club” Area, but after some pro power walking we made it.  So, since we had an overnight flight we had the nifty first class seats that reclined into beds.  Was super nice!  Appetizers and desserts were good, but the main dish left a lot to be desired, but, you don’t fly for the food, eh?  Warm towel service rocked my world after a 3 hour nap…and we had breakfast and landed only 15 minutes late overall.  Mild waiting in the Customs area, but then smooth sailing after.



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