This morning I wake up….

So, I still maintain my profile.  It amuses Me the sorts of drivel I will occasionally receive.

There is a user Jamiesav (recently listing himself as a Dominant) who messaged Me about the scat slave position.  I calmly informed him that it was to serve My boy only and that I would have nothing to do with it but he could message M and work things out there.

Well, through conversation with M, turns out Jamiesav has a gf who knows nothing of his proclivities, and at the mere mention of telling her he gets very upset.  Jamiesav also seems to think that he can play with Me if he just doesnt’ tell Me what he does with My own boy!

Not quite the rocket surgeon (snerk), is he?

We do not play with people who are dishonest and who are shady.  Speaking of which as soon as My boy mentions that the lying to gf is a dealbreaker, suddenly Jamiesav is no longer dating the girl….hmm, shady.

Anywho, finally My boy turns Jamiesav down, in an overly polite way in My eyes, but My boy is the nicer of the two of us.

This morning I receive this in response to My website:

*————— Form Response —————
01 – Your Name: = james Savilonis
02 – Your e-mail: =
03 – Subject: = hi LC
04 – Message: = i talked to your slave there about full toilet. He said I was rude. Brought up a girlfriend who I’m not even seeing. Accused me of saying I would keep it a secret from you. First you guys are the closeted freaks who want to shit on someone but don’t have the balls to do it. Give up. You don’t have what it takes. You will never make a good living Ms. LC is so fat she is the last person in the pecking order of dominants. Might as well put her name on the piggy list. Nobody likes you Ms. LC your too Fat.*

Yeah, I’m amused considering up until very recently, I was, according to him, totally hot and sexy and he really wanted to play with Me and My boy.

Now, that I am not involved and we refuse to play with the likes of him for the above stated reasons, we have no balls, and I am too fat.



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