Sexually Transmitted Glitter

So, today is World Aids Day. I spend a lot of today reminding people that sexual health is important. This extends not only to being tested and proactive, but also to being free to explore and having freedom of sexual rights. Get tested, and get tested often, but also test your limits and try new things.

This brings me to the title of this post.

It is a follow-up to

So, as mentioned in my previous post, I was fairly horny when I got home. The boy had been home awhile and I walked in, dropped my stuff and announced, “I’m horny. I demand sexings!” I walk into the living room and the boy is snuggling the dog on the couch and watching the World of warcrack video how-to for the newly added plants versus zombies minigame.

He goes, “So, you are saying i should stop watching and come love on you?”

Reply, “Yes, you should stop watching your WoW video and come get naked with me.”

Boy pauses video and comes and gets naked with me. He asks if he should get a towel.

Now, for those of you who haven’t heard the stories, I can be a rather prolific ejaculator on occasion. I have ejaculated over the boy’s shoulder while he was kneeling in front of me nearly to full height (so that puts him between 4 and 5 feet tall on knees). I’ve also soaked through a really nice hotel mattress, to the point it was puddling on the floor beneath.

I said yes, he asks, 1 towel or 2. I said 1..

He proceeds to give me some really awesome lovin’, cut short only by the fact that when we actually began penetration, his ingrown toe (which has been acting up for a few days) started to bother him….so he, being the super awesome boyfriend he is, went back to going down on me.

Verdict: YES, I was very horny. Very.
Verdict, the second: Sexings are VERY good.
Verdict, the third: I should have used 2 towels.
Verdict, the fourth: I have sexually transmitted glitter to my boyfriend.

Yes, during our crazy humping I managed to transmit several bits of glitter from my luscious form to his. This became a real life re-tweet tweet. I’ve also made it a hashtag.

Personally, I think there needs to be more sexually transmitted glitter, it’s much safer than other sexually transmitted things, unless it gets in your eye and scratches your cornea. OUCH.

So, remember:

  • Get tested, get tested often.
  • Try new and amazing things.
  • Use the hashtag “#SexuallyTransmittedGlitter”

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