mother, dear….2

So, as a follow up to I’m doing another post.

After a week of phone tag, we finally spoke yesterday.

We did the superficial catching up for a little while, and then she asked me my plans for Turkey Day.

I said, “Well, originally the plan was to bring the dog down to see you, but after recent developments I don’t know.”

She got very upset and said, “Well, I got over it, but apparently you are still upset.”

Yes, I am still upset.  We’ve not discussed anything and I’m sick and tired of this cycle.  I told her that if she was merely a friend I’d have cut her out of my life long ago.  She was taken aback by that.  I dont’ think she thought I was willing to stand up to her.  She started attacking me, and blaming me, not taking responsibility for her own actions.

As I was calmly explaining that her apology wasn’t an acceptable one  (“I’m sorry YOU are bothered by this.”) she hung up on me.

I screamed.  It scared the puppy enough that he went to grab the boyfriend.  I was terribly frustrated.  It certainly shows me that the cycle is going to continue.

I mentioned the cycle to her and she got real quiet then too.

Heh.  At this point it’s comical how she is treating me.  I’m so sick of it.

As of now, I’m just waiting for her to apologize for hanging up on me, I’m sick of trying to patch things up.

She wants to talk like adults, then she is going to get the full face of what I’ve got to say.

We’ll see how it goes from here.


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