Trust is huge with me.  Doubt is the worst thing you can cause.  When you bring doubt you make everything I feel invalid.  Anything positive crushes to and through the floor and my reaction is to cut that out of my life in short order.

Recently a new person in my life caused a serious amount of doubt through a series of things that weren’t said.

I feel like I’ve been lied to.  I feel like everything that was developing has been entirely false.  They feel like nothing has gone wrong and want to pretend nothing has changed.

This person neglected to tell me that they were dating someone.  Their profile is listed as single.  They, however cannot be honest with the other person as that person is jealous and painfully vanilla.

That sticks in my craw something fierce.  The one rule I have is honesty, forthright and total honesty.  This goes against that almost entirely.

I know that a few things are not going to change even if I continue to pursue anything with them, and yet a part of me wants to continue.  The more logical part of me says that the situation is irrevocably ruined, and I need to figure things out.  I think we can remain friends, but I’m not sure what else is possible now.

Stay tuned as I work through things.


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