Story, Part 1

This is the story referenced in that I wrote since I lost a game of billiards.


He called that he was downstairs.  She checked her make-up and hair then checked her bag.  Everything tucked away into the unassuming rolling suitcase.  No hint of what was in store.  She knew he was nervous.  This was a new experience for him and she planned to make it a weekend worth remembering.  A sly smile slinked across her face as she ran through her mental checklist one last time to be sure everything was there and nothing was forgotten.

It was a weekend trip to this Bed and Breakfast owned by her friends down in DC.  They rented out the entire property to a few couples for a kinky weekend.  Several of the rooms had been converted into dungeons.  She knew this was an experience outside anything he’d ever done before.  There were five other couples besides the staff attending; three were traditional male dom female slave, one was FemDom male slave, and the last was just a couple of switches.  The plotting for this weekend had commenced before the date was even selected.

Upon arriving at the car she found the door open with him ready to take her bags.   She smiled, he remembered what she had said about how he should hold every door and once they were on their way that she was to not lift a finger.  The plan was for him to be her chauffeur, maid, butler, and naughty little slut.  She had personally selected all of the outfits, toys, and participants for each thing they would do that weekend.  He had no insight into the plans other than it would be quite the experience.  She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Good slut, now take these bags and make sure to be very careful, if they scuff I will be very disappointed.” As she pulled back she pecked his cheek for added effect and lowered herself into the car.  To the various bystanders they were just another couple headed off for the weekend to points unknown.

After loading the bags they get on the road without incident.  He seemed a bit nervous stealing cautious glances her way as they drove, wondering just what it was that was in store.  She had a fantastic way of intriguing him and pulling him into things that he had never experienced before and didn’t know he wanted until they happened; things he never thought he’d do, things that in normal thought have repulsed him, but when she did them, he couldn’t get enough.

After a few hours on the road she had him pull over into a rest stop and open the trunk of the car, then sent him in for a few cool beverages.  She rummaged in her suitcase and came out with a small butt plug and a chastity device.  She smiled to herself and grabbed out a nondescript messenger bag and a small packet of lube.  He returned just as she was shutting the trunk.  She smiled and exchanged her beverage for the messenger bag.  He looked from the messenger bag to her and back several times.  Finally she said, “I want you to put on everything in that bag.  There’s lube to help the process.”

His eyes went as wide as saucers.  This was the first time she’d ever given such an order.  In the past she’d had him blindfolded or bound and applied the implements herself.  He’d never had to do it for her.  And in public too!  He flushed a bit.  She’d planned this very carefully.  He couldn’t’ say no. Well, he could, but he didn’t dare.  He’d been thinking about this weekend for months now; he wasn’t about to halt its progress so early.  He knew she’d never push him “too far”.  She’d been very good about pushing him only a little bit beyond that comfort zone each time, and pulling back when it got to that hazy place of almost too much.

“But…here?  In public?” He stammered.

“Yes, My pet, in the stall of the restroom so you do have some privacy.  I’m not about to cut the weekend short by being lugged off in silver bracelets,” She smiled for effect, “That’s your role later on.”

He flushed again, staring at the bag and gulped as he slid his glance to the rest stop building.  She promptly took his drink and with a swat on his bum she pushed him toward the building.  He stumbled a step, then walked towards the building becoming more than a little aroused at the thought.  She had worn that sexy pencil skirt that clung to all her perfect curves and a shirt that accentuated her shapely breasts.  Classy all the way down to those stilettos she wore. To top it off she had worn garters and those seamed stockings, and let just a hint peek out the hem of her skirt and it drove him wild.

He looked up; he was only a step from the stall with a full hard on in his pants, knowing she was sitting in the sun smirking at his predicament.  He did this all for her amusement and it never failed to amaze him that she seemed to be able to pinpoint exact things he wanted before he realized he wanted them.

He closed the stall behind him and looked in the bag.

The cock cage and butt plug stared back at him.  He wasn’t sure which he should choose first.  His penis throbbed in his pants.  How was he supposed to get that cage on there with it so hard?  He had been instructed not to cum, which made this even more difficult.  And he knew that putting anything in his bum would just turn him on more.

Oh, she was playing dirty.  He loved it, and hated it, and hated to love it.  He thought maybe if he just relieved a little pressure she wouldn’t notice and he could be back on the road quick enough.

His phone buzzed.

Dammit. He thought, almost aloud.

It would be her, and it was.

No wanking.

That was all the message said.  Effective.  And she knew.  She always seemed to know.  It was uncanny.

Well there goes that idea! He thought.  Should I excite myself more or cage first?


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